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Making Buyer’s Lives Easier

Our dedicated team specialises in providing unbiased and meticulous analysis of multiple categories, offering buyers invaluable insights into how their range performs in comparison to the broader market landscape.

But we don’t stop at analysis alone. We go the extra mile to ensure that the insights we uncover translate into actionable recommendations. Our detailed report serves as a strategic roadmap, giving informed advice that has a direct impact on the growth of retail category sales and market share.

How We Support

Support provided by experienced category buying managers and senior retail leaders

Branded and own label opportunities

Analysis of current range, need state split, branded vs own label split, your range vs competitors

No cost nor obligation to implement

Products set up and launched via 1 supplier

Trend data and category growth reports

Why Us?



Brands are launched and fully managed under one supplier, making the process quick and seamless for buyers. Account managers work to make the JBP as efficient as possible.



You can have confidence that our experienced team will offer guidance and work with our brands to give you the best commercials on listing as well as the continued success of the brand.

Thought Cloud

Tailored Approach

We analyse the market, review competitor stores, understand customer needs and identify opportunities and threats within your range so we can offer recommendations specific to your company for growth.



Our team go through extensive discussions about the brand to determine if they are worthy of a place in retail, which gives you peace of mind that we have the most innovative and exciting products to offer you.

Brand Building

Our experienced product development team is dedicated to creating products and brands tailored to your category’s unique needs. The Good Food Group can support you in building your range around various consumers and ensuring that the product range has the correct product proposition for the consumers you want to service and grow.

Your Good Health Co was created by our product development team and born into a trending category, to fill a gap in beauty supplements with a premium quality product at an affordable price point.


The process

Discounter retailers don’t require upfront marketing investment, and typically experience a fast sell through rate. Many discounter listings are offered on a WIGIG (When its gone, its gone) single delivery basis. They are typically high volume, low margin but offer a great way to drive cashflow as they are often good payers on short terms.

The retail strategy and any challenges needing support are shared, or areas where further insights are desired.

The Good Food Group will conduct an in-depth review into the range to agreed timings.

Our team will present our findings and share our tailored range and product suggestions.

Suggestions are reviewed for any wanting to be proceeded. Full commercial proposals will be submitted.

Hereon, ongoing support with a dedicated account manager is provided to help elevate the category.

Don’t take our word for it...

“The Good Food Group have extensive retail knowledge which allows them to work brilliantly within our business. The team are aware of how retailers work from the inside out and make our jobs easier by providing us with category analyses.”

Buying director


“The Good Food Group are one of our long term partnerships that we couldn’t be without. The team have a brilliant understanding of our business and needs as well as top tier communication skills. We’ve experienced amazing growth since listing some of the brands they’ve recommended so we trust their suggestions for the category.”

Sports Buyer


“Working with The Good Food Group has been a truly positive experience. They’ve successfully introduced and adeptly managed a variety of captivating brands within our range. Their expertise is remarkable, and I highly encourage other businesses to work with them.”

Buying Director

Your retail team

Ross Carlin

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Langton

Head of Product Development
Jon Langton, Head of Product Development

Victoria Craddock

Head of Retail Accounts
Victoria Craddock, Head of Retail Accounts

Emma Hinchley

National Account Manager
Emma Hinchley, National Account Manager

Aly Mills

Digital Marketing Manager
Aly Mills, Digital Marketing Manager

Ania Kanwal

Business Development Manager
Ania Kanwal, Business Development Manager

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