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Conquer the retail landscape with our esteemed Retail Ready Workshop, designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategic insights required not just to navigate, but to dominate in the retail sector. Gain a profound understanding of consumer behaviour, optimise your merchandising strategies, and immerse yourself in best practices, emerging trends, and innovative approaches that will unquestionably elevate your competitive standing.


By registering you’ll become part of a community, which includes weekly newsletters, market insights, and updates directly from The Good Food Group team on whats currently happening in retail. Stay ahead of the curve and join a community of forward-thinking brands and entrepreneurs.


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What's Included In the WorkShop?


Within this introduction, you'll learn the contents of the workshop, how The Good Food Group has established itself as a leading brand and how you can do the same.

Opportunity mapping

Here, you will pinpoint market leaders, craft customer profiles, compare pricing, identify opportunities, and establish product / brand proof – essential steps for retail readiness.

Your product

Analyse your product against competitors, highlight USPs, know how to talk to your customer, establish a product hierarchy, and optimise planogram placement.


Explore pros and cons of each retailer, see how these fit into different stages of your brand journey, and learn how to make a retail analysis to optimise your growth.

Commercial documents

You will learn what a commercial document is, how they differ, and how to fill out your custom retail commercial sheet expertly crafted by The Good Food Group.

Above the line plans

Delve into the significance of ATL plans, explore their role in building brand awareness, and learn how to fill out your promotional calendar template.

Presenting to retailers

Here, you’ll cover how to identify and engage buyers, learning dos and don'ts, how to pitch effectively, and how to create a compelling outreach presentation.


By now, you’ll have your own retail development plan to hand alongside our expertise to help you in your next steps towards getting a retail listing.

You're retail ready!

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