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At The Good Food Group, we endlessly strive to uphold our retail success track record of propelling the success of new brands just like yours. Since inception, we have gained and managed over 500+ of new product launches into UK retailers!

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Account Management

Our dedicated Account Managers work closely with buyers, utilising their extensive knowledge to optimise sales performance. They devise and execute strategies aligned with client objectives, aiming to enhance sales, expand store count, amplify brand visibility, ensure product availability, and facilitate successful new product launches. With unwavering commitment and a deep understanding of the retail landscape, our Account Managers drive growth and deliver remarkable results for our valued partners.

As part of our Account Management packages, we take all the hassle away from the brand on the accounts we manage, ensuring success from launch and beyond.

Our National Account Managers are highly experienced and specialists in the categories we work within. Here is a list of the services & activities we offer to our account management clients:

Adjustable Forecasting
Joint business planning for activations
Promotion Planning
Competitor analysis in-store
Negotiation on all activity
Risk Management (De-List & Performance driven)
Second space planning & bidding
Online & in-store management as one process
Account Admin
store extension proposals & bidding
New line forms & setting up launch process
Supply Support
Monthly Reporting

Business Development

Specialising in retail business development and growth, we boast a track record of launching highly successful new products in the competitive UK market. Renowned for our expertise and results, our dedicated team is ready to handle every aspect of the retail journey, from concept to execution, including pitching and securing lucrative retail listings.

Below is an overall look at our business development strategy piece.

Opportunity mapping

We will do a review of the current market for your space and provide clear and concise information around the products, competition and category for the brand.

Market overview (retailer)

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Current performance

Our team will analyse your current performance vs the market including current brand sales per channel, brand demographic and product specification.

Commercial builds

We will complete a full commercial forecast for each chosen retailer, including margin expectation, ROS, promotion activity, marketing investments and more.

Product suggestion

You’ll have a full commercial forecast for each retailer with margin expectations, expected ROS, promotion details, marketing investments, shipping, ORDs and more.

Below highlights examples of retailer analysis and rationalisation to show how we support with building a case study for the retailer to showcase how the brand would fit the retailer and rationalising space to fit products into the range.

The Commercial Document shall provide you with the education required to build out a yearly forecast based on sales volumes changing when on and off promotion. We will also provide expectations on timelines from agreement to launch and all the steps that are required to ensure you are ready for an effective launch.

Total Strategy

We take pride in the exceptional caliber of our team members who boast distinguished backgrounds in prominent UK retailers. Leveraging their extensive expertise and insights gained from years of hands-on experience, our team possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge in constructing and implementing highly effective retail strategies. By tapping into our team’s wealth of insights, you gain access to a wellspring of wisdom that can propel your category sales to new heights.

Our retailers

High street

High street retailers often require a high marketing investment but usually have many locations across the country, so are a good choice for a wide national distribution. They also have a specific demographic attending their stores, who have intent to purchase based on the shop type. This is often where customers will go for the latest trends and find new products to solve their problems.

Holland & Barrett Store
Boots Store
Superdrug Store
WHSmith Store


Grocery retailers are the ‘weekly shop’ stores that customers go to for their essential shopping. If you are an FMCG brand with accessible price points mapped around the market landscape, then grocers could be perfect. Typically spread across the country, you have access to a wide demographic of consumer and the opportunity to grow your brand. You will be required to hit high ROS (rate of sale) with these retailers and will be expected to have a robust promotional plan and above the line marketing investment.

Sainsburys Store
Tesco Store
ASDA Store
Morrisons Store


Prestige or premium retailers are ideal for products with a higher price point as their customer base have higher spending habits, and are often based in main metropolitan or city locations. These retailers are perfect for building the brand story and brand equity, if you are a premium brand. These retailer types can warrant extreme price points which makes them perfect for complex and premium ingredient products.

Planet Organic Store
Whole Foods Store
Selfridges Store
Booths Store


Discounter retailers don’t require upfront marketing investment, and typically experience a fast sell through rate. Many discounter listings are offered on a WIGIG (When its gone, its gone) single delivery basis. They are typically high volume, low margin but offer a great way to drive cashflow as they are often good payers on short terms.

Aldi Store
B And M Store
Home Bargains Store
Poundland Store

Sucess stories

How we propelled Shreddy into full UK distribution in 6 months
How we secured 2,000 till point locations for Muscle Food
Discover our wellness brand available in 100s of UK stores

Your retail team

Ross Carlin

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Langton

Head of Product Development
Jon Langton, Head of Product Development

Victoria Craddock

Head of Retail Accounts
Victoria Craddock, Head of Retail Accounts

Emma Hinchley

National Account Manager
Emma Hinchley, National Account Manager

Aly Mills

Digital Marketing Manager
Aly Mills, Digital Marketing Manager

Ania Kanwal

Business Development Manager
Ania Kanwal, Business Development Manager

The process

Discounter retailers don’t require upfront marketing investment, and typically experience a fast sell through rate. Many discounter listings are offered on a WIGIG (When its gone, its gone) single delivery basis. They are typically high volume, low margin but offer a great way to drive cashflow as they are often good payers on short terms.


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