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We boast an extensive array of established brands who we work with to boost their retail presence. Our brands span categories from VMS to female health to snacking, and we’re always looking to broaden our range.

Mountain Joe's

Mountain Joe’s brings innovation to the marketplace. Their mission is to provide a brand new range of high protein ‘grab and go’ products which take taste to the next level!

Eleat Cereal

Eleat is a high protein, high fibre cereal with no compromise on taste or convenience whilst providing essential nutrients to help everyone be their best self.


Industry leaders in gummy supplements packed with essential nutrients to improve overall wellbeing, with a 60 day supply in vegan formulas.

Birch & Wilde

Birch and Wilde is a wellness brand dedicated to creating high-quality, natural products that promote self-care and enhance personal wellbeing.

Muscle Food

Muscle Food is a trusted provider of high-quality, lean meats and nutritious food options tailored to support fitness enthusiasts and individuals focused on their health.

Vivo Life

Vivo Life is a leading plant-based nutrition company committed to providing innovative and sustainable products that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Your Zooki

Your Zooki is a premium brand offering a range of high-quality, easily-absorbable supplements packed with essential nutrients, designed to optimise health and wellbeing.


Pura Collagen is a premium collagen supplement that nourishes the skin, supports joint health, and promotes overall vitality with its pure, bioavailable collagen peptides.


Fourfive CBD offers high-quality CBD products designed for active individuals, providing natural and effective solutions to support recovery, performance, and general wellbeing.

Muscle Moose

Muscle Moose is a brand that specialises in protein-packed snacks, providing a convenient and tasty way to fuel fitness goals and satisfy cravings without compromising on nutrition.


Pharmavita is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and providing high-quality, evidence-based healthcare products that promote wellness.

Shore Seaweed

Shore Seaweed is a sustainable seaweed company that offers a diverse range of nutrient-rich seaweed products, harvested from pristine coastal waters.

Wow Hydrate

Wow Hydrate is an innovative beverage brand that combines hydration with essential vitamins and nutrients, providing a convenient way to replenish the body on the go.


Novomins is a dietary supplement brand that utilises scientific research and premium ingredients to deliver effective solutions for health and wellbeing.


Sensuous offers a range of high-quality beauty and wellness products designed to enhance self-care rituals and promote a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Space Goods

Space Goods is an imaginative and futuristic brand that offers a curated selection of innovative and out-of-this-world mood and focus products.

Maxi Nutrition

Maxi Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand that provides a comprehensive range of high-quality supplements and protein powders, formulated to support fitness enthusiasts.


Diso provides innovative melt-in-the-mouth vitamin supplements to service daily health and wellbeing.

Beyond NRG

Beyond NRG is an innovative and energizing brand that offers a range of high-performance gaming supplements, designed to enhance focus, mental clarity, and endurance.

Known Nutrition

Known Nutrition products provide a perfect blend of scientifically proven vitamins and minerals, with natural botanical extracts backed up by their team of experts.


Blendsmiths is the result of two best friends with an ambition to change the path of hot drinks by introducing new and innovative flavours to the market.

John West

John West is a well-known brand specialising in canned seafood products, recognised for its commitment to quality and sustainability in sourcing fish.

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