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Emerging initially as a swift remedy to address the void in the costly beauty-from-within market, Your Good Health Co has now transformed into a complete wellness brand, offering products to all ages & needs in premium quality supplements – Your Good Health Co is the ultimate success story for The Good Food Group.

YGHC Products
YGHC Products

Your Good Health Co’s journey began with a unique vision and a call from Superdrug, identifying a gap in the market for affordable collagen products. Recognising this opportunity, our dedicated team at The Good Food Group swiftly leaped into action, embarking on a journey to create something extraordinary.

Our product development team passionately crafted a range that would revolutionise the wellness industry, introducing collagen powders, daily collagen capsules, and skin biotics. Thus, Your Good Health Co was born.

The initial launch saw our products gracing the shelves of hundreds of Superdrug stores, fulfilling the demand for high-quality wellness supplements without the hefty price tag. This marked the beginning of our commitment to making premium wellness accessible to all.Since that pivotal moment, Your Good Health Co has blossomed into a brand with a profound mission – to provide premium wellness supplements without breaking the bank.

Our commitment to affordability and excellence has driven us to expand our product line, introducing groundbreaking supplements such as Digest + Deflate Bloating Supplements, the Elements Range featuring Magnesium, Biotin, and Omega capsules, and even a specially formulated kids travel buddy supplement.

The success of Your Good Health Co is a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and quality. Our brand has evolved far beyond its origins, making wellness not just a product but a lifestyle accessible to all.

Today, you can find Your Good Health Co products gracing the shelves of Superdrug stores nationwide, conveniently available online at We’ve also embraced the digital era, reaching out to a broader audience through the TikTok Shop and the convenience of Amazon.

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